Undead Defenders

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Undead Defenders
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Elder Jonah
in Marga Coast
Preceded by Venta Cemetery
Feeding Frenzy
Type Secondary quest
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Defend Ronjok from an assault by the Kournan military.

Quest information[edit]


  • Rout the remaining Kournan forces. You have 0..3 groups to rout.
  • See Elder Jonah for your reward.



Kournan soldiers will gather at the three entrances to the village. After some dialogue, the center group will attack, followed by the two outside groups. With the exception of the Kournan Commander, all the troops are level 16 and killing them should not be a problem for a full group.

Bug Bug.If you kill the center group before they enter the village gates, the other two groups will not become hostile. Thus, the quest cannot be completed.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Chuno: "The only reason we're being attacked is because of them...the Sunspears brought this upon us!"
Herdsman Zekanu: "Yeah!"
Herdsman Mehnosi: "They will kill us all within the hour!"
Chuno: "I can take those garrison fools with one hand tied behind my back! We don't need those weak, foreign..."
Elder Jonah: "Hold your tongue, Chuno."
Elder Jonah: "While it's true our new...friends...have brought additional difficulties to Ronjok, they are not to blame for our current situation."
Herdsman Zekanu: "What are we going to do? They'll return, and with tenfold more men. If they don't get their quota, they'll take it out of our hides!"
Herdsman Mehnosi: "Bayel will not give up until he conscripts every last one of us."
Elder Jonah: "These soldiers are a superstitious lot. They have forgotten the darker ways of our peoples. If they think we are defenseless...they are wrong."
Elder Jonah: "Help me heroes. Help me defend Ronjok once more."

Elder Jonah

"My worst fears are realized. The Kournans have had enough, and are marching on Ronjok Village even as we speak. It is death they wish upon us, so it is death we will give them. By the time we're finished, those Kournan soldiers will prefer Varesh's wrath to facing us again.
As a young man, I was touched by the icy hand of Grenth himself, and now I can commune with the dead. It is an exhausting process, and I had hoped to avoid using it, but it may be our only hope. I will need help. Will you help an old man defend his home and his people one last time?"
Yes Accept: "You take care of the spell, we will do the rest."
No Decline: "Do your own grisly work."
Ask Ask: "Stay close. The Kournans are approaching and I need you to protect me while I raise the dead from the bodies of their fallen comrades!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Kournan Commander: "By order of Warmarshal Varesh, Ronjok is to be destroyed for failure to meet its production quotas. This impertinence is a threat to Kourna that must end!"
Kournan Commander: "Its structures will be leveled."
Kournan Commander: "Its inhabitants will be...resettled. Those who survive, that is."
Kournan Commander: "Those who resist will face my blade."
Elder Jonah: "Turn back! Ronjok is dead! It is cursed. It was dead before you found it, and now the dead protect it!"
Kournan Commander: "What is this madness? Undead?"
Elder Jonah: "Ronjok is dead. It belongs to the dead. The dead will KEEP IT!"
Kournan Commander: "Charge! Charge, you fools! CHARGE!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Jonah

"Ah, that scared them but good! That trick won't work twice, but it will do the job. They won't return to Ronjok for quite some time.
But I fear for our land. Things are getting...darker, and not just for Ronjok. More and more young men and women are getting conscripted. Other conscripts mysteriously disappear. Varesh's quotas have gone through the roof. We barely get enough water for the fields. I hope that you, my friend, will be the light that guides us through the impending darkness. Many wish you Sunspears had stayed in Istan, but many more who have no voice to speak believe you are our last hope. Please accept this as a small token of Ronjok's appreciation."
Elder Jonah: "Excellent."
Elder Jonah: "Are you cold? That trick always gives me goosebumps."


  • You can accept the task of feeding Toma from Chuno but Toma does not spawn making it impossible to do until you complete this quest.
  • There is a resurrection shrine near to the village, with a hunt blessing, so this quest can be used to farm Sunspear points.