Insatiable Appetite

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Insatiable Appetite
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Chuno
in Marga Coast
Preceded by Feeding Frenzy
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Toma is still hungry. Feed him again.

Quest information[edit]


  • Feed Toma as many enemies as possible in 3 minutes.



Take Toma and attack enemies until they are injured enough for him to eat. While this quest is active, some Mandragors will spawn outside the village along the dry waterway.


In order to get credit for a kill, Toma has to eat the foe using Feeding Frenzy (any foe deaths for other reasons do not count). Toma will only use the skill when the target is at 20% health or lower, which makes the timing tricky. There are several ways to increase the number of available snacks:

  1. Take only healing heroes or henchmen, then weaken the enemies enough for Toma to kill them. This usually provides 10 kills (2 berry branches) each round.
  2. Use the quest Undead Defenders to generate foes.
    • After the Kournan Commander finishes speaking, speak to Chuno to activate Toma, who should have plenty to eat while you attack the incoming foes. Collect the reward from Chuno, but not from Elder Jonah. You can abandon and restart the quest repeatedly this way in order to easily collect many branches of juni berries.
    • To ensure Toma spawns, wait until Elder Jonah is done speaking, accept the quest, then rezone via Sunspear Sanctuary; Toma will spawn when you return.
  3. Create masterless minions to provide food for Toma without leaving the village; at maximum efficiency, this can produce four or more branches per run.
    • One efficient method uses two minion masters and a Mesmer/Monk to resurrect them quickly. Sacrifice the first necro to provide a corpse for the second to use for minions. Sac the second necro to make the minions masterless (after which Toma will begin munching them quickly). Repeat this until the time limit is reached.
  4. Call targets and flag heroes a short distance away from an enemy when it reaches 20% health.





Initial dialogue[edit]


"I keep feeding Toma, but it's never enough! This beast has an insatiable appetite! It's not much of a village guardian if it's always out snacking on the local wildlife. It looks ready to munch on the villagers at any moment! Take this monstrosity off my hands and feed it as much as you can. If you feed it at least five enemies, I'll make it worth your while."
Yes Accept: "Sure! Let's go, Toma."
No Decline: "I heard that thing ate the last person who took it for a thanks."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Toma looks like it could eat a bit more, but I guess it should be enough for now."

Alternate failure dialogue:


Reward? You want a reward for getting Toma killed? Ha!


  • After the time limit runs out, Toma will return to Chuno on his own.
Anomaly Anomaly.This quest will not appear in the quest log.
Anomaly Anomaly.Toma will not spawn if Undead Defenders is active; if needed, complete that quest and rezone to finish Insatiable Appetite. (After the initial dialogue for Undead Defenders between Elder Jonah, Tuma, and the herdsmen, Chuno disappears.)
Bug Bug.After 10 feedings, 20 seconds are added to the count-down clock. However, the total duration of the feeding time does not change, so that it appears that 20 seconds remain when Toma stops accruing additional kills.
Bug Bug.Make sure you have room to accept the quest reward: if your inventory is full when speaking to Chuno, you will not be able to receive any branches, despite Chuno's offer to "speak to [him] again, once you have made space."