The Iron Truth

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The Iron Truth
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Castellan Puuba
in Sunspear Great Hall
Preceded by Blacktide Den
Followed by Trial by Fire
Type Primary quest
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The corsair captain Ironfist needs to be convinced to testify on the behalf of the Sunspears.

Quest information[edit]



  • Report to Jerek.
  • Speak to Savage Nunbe.
  • Defeat Ironfist and his crew.
  • Take Ironfist into custody.
  • See Jerek for your reward.



Exit Sunspear Great Hall into Plains of Jarin and talk to Jerek. Map travel to Blacktide Den and talk to Savage Nunbe.

Map travel to Kodlonu Hamlet and get your team ready, then enter the portal into Mehtani Keys.

Stick to the islands and mind the pop-ups of Mandragors. Follow the route on the map for optimum speed. After beating Ironfist down to 25% health he becomes friendly. Map travel back to Sunspear Great Hall and go back outside to talk to Jerek for the reward.



Humans (Corsairs; five of the following will spawn with Ironfist)


Humans (Corsairs)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Castellan Puuba
The death of General Kahyet is very disturbing. I understand there was little choice in the matter, but this will not go over well with the Kournans. Report this to Jerek personally. I don't need to tell you this, but he won't be very understanding of the situation.
Yes Accept: "Jerek's not going to like this."
No Decline: "I'm not in the mood for Jerek's wrath."
Ask Ask: "Go tell Jerek the bad news. He's waiting on the Plains of Jarin."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

You...killed...General Kahyet? I don't care what she said as she died! Demons or a corsair armada! It doesn't matter. A Kournan general was slain on Istani soil by a Sunspear! I won't let this escalate to war on my watch. If it does happen, this will fall on Kormir and her folly. I will take this directly to Elder Suhl. There will be a tribunal to determine the truth of these allegations. You will need to present proof of your claims. If Kahyet was working with corsairs you may want to bring this Ironfist character in to testify. Try talking to that no-good Savage Nunbe in Blacktide Den. He's always ratting out various corsairs to stay off the Istani prison ships.
Savage Nunbe
Please don't arrest me! I'll tell you what I know! Captain Mindhebeh and Ironfist are meeting in the Mehtani Keys to discuss the future. Look, I'm in enough trouble as it is so I can't testify to anything. But maybe you'll have better luck, convincing Ironfist.
So the noble Sunspears need my help? What an interesting turn of events. I guess my life is worth a few words. Assuming Elder Suhl doesn't send me off to a prison ship when all is said and done. I'll come peacefully and testify during your little tribunal, but only if the Sunspears grant me amnesty. It seems we have a deal then.

Reward dialogue[edit]

So you found Ironfist did you? That should at least help keep you from embarassing Elder Suhl. Seems Morgahn himself will appear to answer for Varesh. Judging by the atmosphere in the Consulate, provincial relations have gotten extremely tense; and there's still no sign of Kormir. How very typical of her. Remain close. The tribunal will begin soon.