Savage Nunbe

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Savage Nunbe
Corsair warrior.jpg
Affiliation Corsairs
Type Human
Level(s) 17
Campaign Nightfall

Savage Nunbe is the NPC who starts the Blacktide Den mission.



Quests involved in:


Nightfall characters:

"You can't tag anything on me...I've been on trial so many times I've lost count. Elder Suhl can't prove any of it."

Non-Nightfall characters:

"On this day, the Sunspears, along with Tahlkora, attempted to interrupt a meeting in Lahtenda Bog between General Kahyet of Kourna and a group of corsairs from Ironfist's crew. If you choose to enter this mission, you will witness how the Sunspears infiltrated the meeting posing as corsairs and discover the resulting outcome of that encounter."

Both Nightfall and non-Nightfall characters:

Ask Alright, corsair, you'd better start talking. (This appears to Nightfall characters only if Following the Trail has been completed.)
"This map you've cobbled together simple shows where the corsair leaders were to meet with General Kahyet in Lahtenda Bog. She's been funding our Istani excursions for quite a while now. She fronts the gold and we do the plundering. No questions asked. If you're still confused, go talk to her yourself. When you and Tahlkora are ready I can show you where to start.
Yes We are ready. (Sent to the mission if Tahlkora is in the party.)
"Tahlkora has the Cryptic Map. Without it you'll get lost." (If Tahlkora is not in the party.)
No We are not ready yet.
No I'll be on my way.