Mercenary Registrar

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Appearance of the hero registration window with three slots unlocked and two mercenary heroes created. The selected slot is currently empty.

The Mercenary Registrar allows you to register any of your current characters as a hero for the rest of characters on your account or to unlock any available mercenaries. There is one registrar located in each of the game's ports.

To use Mercenary Heroes, you need to purchase Mercenary Hero Slots from the In-Game Store or the NCsoft Store. (Mercenary Heroes are special heroes that take on the name, profession, and appearance of one of your characters.)



"Look at your heroes. Now, back at yourself. Now, back to your heroes. Sadly, your heroes are not you, but they could look like you if you sign up for our mercenary services. Anything is possible when you purchase Mercenary Hero Slots from the In-Game Store."

When speaking to any of the Mercenary Registrars, you have the following options:

What are the benefits of becoming a Mercenary Hero?[edit]

"Being a Mercenary Hero allows an individual to travel as a hero with other characters on the same account. Imagine: your other characters could be traveling with you right now! In order to sign up, all you need is to purchase Mercenary Hero Slots. You can pick them up at the Guild Wars In-Game Store or NCsoft Store."

What are Mercenary Hero Slots?[edit]

"Mercenary Hero Slots are how we keep track of the mercenaries we hire out. You'll need one slot for each adventurer you want to register at our guild. If you've used up all of your slots, you can either buy more or remove one of your Mercenary Heroes. Removing a Mercenary Hero will free up the slot for another adventurer. You can purchase new Mercenary Hero Slots from the Guild Wars In-Game Store or NCsoft Store."

Are there any prerequisites to being a Mercenary Hero?[edit]

"Well, to ensure that all of our customers get the most mercenary for their gold, we only accept adventurers who have reached level 20. We hire out only the well-trained."
YesThis sounds awesome! Sign me up!