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An example of a record keeper's data

A record keeper is a type of NPC that allows players to view the current high scores of challenge missions. They are identified by a "[Records]" suffix to their names.

Team badges displayed when hovering over ladder positions

Best scores[edit]

Each records keeper will show three score categories:

  • Daily Best (24 hours)
  • Monthly Best (30 days)
  • Quarterly Best (90 days)

The fifty best scores for each category are displayed in a list. If the majority of the winning party are members of the same guild, the guild's name and initials will be displayed. Otherwise, the name of the party's leader will be shown and hovering your mouse will reveal the names of all the party members. Beating the listed best scores will also earn the party additional rewards (see specific challenge missions for full reward) and a place on the list.

The top three parties for each category are displayed in gold, silver, and bronze respectively and are shown with a corresponding colored plaque. The following forty-seven positions are displayed with a silver-like medal.


Eye of the North


  • The record keeper's ladder will not update immediately. Dajkah Inlet records are not updated at all (as of 10/10/2015).