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Disambig icon.png This article is about the species. For the creature, see Practice Target (NPC).
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Practice targets are stationary NPCs. As their name says, they serve as practice targets, either to find out how much damage one will cause to a suit with an armor rating of 60, 80 or 100; to see the different ranges of bows, or the sizes of area of effect skills or similar, e.g. testing new builds.

Despite consisting of barrels tied up with a pillow and two wooden planks screwed on that look like arms, they are fleshy. There are allied and hostile practice targets. Once a hostile practice target is slain, it will automatically be resurrected after 30 seconds with full health. They do not use any skills.


Practice targets[edit]

Location Name
Isle of the Nameless
Isle of the Nameless (PvP)
Necromancer 20 Adjacent
Necromancer 20 Adjacent to Foe
Necromancer 20 In the Area
Necromancer 20 Longbow Target
Necromancer 20 Nearby
Necromancer 20 Practice Target
Necromancer 20 Recurve Target
Necromancer 20 Short Bow Target
Necromancer 20 Suit of 60 Armor
Necromancer 20 Suit of 80 Armor
Necromancer 20 Suit of 100 Armor
Churrhir Fields Unknown 5 (20) Adjacent
Unknown 5 (20) Adjacent to Foe
Unknown 5 (20) In the Area
Unknown 5 (20) Longbow Target
Unknown 5 (20) Nearby
Unknown 5 (20) Practice Target
Unknown 5 (20) Recurve Target
Unknown 5 (20) Short Bow Target
Unknown 5 (20) Suit of 15 Armor
Unknown 5 (20) Suit of 35 Armor
Unknown 5 (20) Suit of 55 Armor