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GUI Modifications[edit]

The mods in this section alter the appearance or rendering of the user interface to provide additional functionality or to alter its visual appeal. You will need to download uMod or TexMod to apply these modifications.

Menu / Window UI[edit]

@µ's Clear Line UI[edit]

Replaces the default UI with a smooth style of high resolution, high contrast, darker backgrounds. Revises the skillbar and damage/energy/health displays.

All download links are now fixed ;-)

Abomination's Darkness UI[edit]

Changes the default UI to a dark/red look, with blue buttons.

Black and Aero Windows UI[edit]

Changes the GW Interface to mimic the Aero effect in Windows Vista/7.

Blackness UI[edit]

Makes all the panels, the minimap, and all other good stuff dark pitch black.

Creator: Korrven (Kev)
Download: Latest Version v1.0
Sample: Picture Sample

Blue-Glass Window UI[edit]

Makes the look of menus like friends list, guild menu, hero menu, etc' into blue glass.

Dark Glass UI[edit]

This mod completely changes the Guild Wars interface to a "Dark Glass" style and improves the UI by adding Spirit Range to the radar, adding a 50% health marker and various other small adjustments.

This interface has been updated to be compatible with the Dervish update

Guild Wars 2-style UI[edit]

-2012 Edition-

Replaces the UI with a Guild Wars 2 texture style. This is my final version. See you in Guild Wars 2!

Minimalus UI v2.1[edit]

Minimalus UI is a sleek, pixel-perfect user interface designed from the bottom up to reduce the visual weight of the entire GW interface. Every menu has been meticulously flattened with a slim 1px border, uniform opacity, and greatly reduced visual impact to allow for total immersion. Features include spirit range indicator, enhanced adrenaline charging UI, a new damage font, unique stackable hero panels (see "In-Game 1"), floating compass flags, and many more. See the feature page below for a full list of enhancements.

Minimalus Clarity addon[edit]

A few tweaks to Minimalus to make various UI elements easier to read at a glance. See details and more screenshots on the project page.

Obsidian UI[edit]

Makes all window panels dark gray. I got the inspiration from Elementalist Obsidian Armor.

Prophecies GW UI[edit]

Changes the UI to the look when Prophecies launched. v1.2

Transparent Window UI[edit]

Changes the backgrounds of the Storage, Friends, Hero, Skills, Inventory, etc windows to transparent.

Skill / Display UI[edit]

Clearskills v1.3[edit]

Changes the skills in-game to mimic those as seen on the wiki. Also provides a cleaner Effects Monitor which comes in two varieties, green and blue. Green features enchantment effect window colors similar to the original, while the latter replaces this color with a light blue. Note that this mod will remove the enchantment/hex arrows, and the numbers found on the bottom of the skill bar.

Enhanced Adrenaline Display UI[edit]

This mod changes the overlay for adrenaline skills to increase the visibility of the current state of adrenaline charges.

Outlined Skills UI[edit]

This mod provides cleaner looking skills outlined in white. It is compatible with the new Flash Enchantment update.

Other / General UI[edit]

50%-90% Marks[edit]

This mod adds small ticks on all health bars to indicate 50% and 90% health levels, useful for some skill effects.

Glazed UI 1.2[edit]

7/10/09 Update: Reuploaded UI files and replaced dead links. 7/25/08 Update: Version 1.2 is out. Pretty much everything is fixed up, including PvP--although there's still one bug where there is a minor anomaly in the trade window. For a changelog, see the [release thread]. A user-interface mod emphasized on flat strokes and a reflective body that comes in two flavors: 'Graphite' and 'Classic GW'. Released June 8th 2008.

NOTE: For best image quality in-game, play on NORMAL interface size!
Reverse Bars for Glazed UI 1.2

This is mod reverse the coloring of health and energy bars. It is designed to work with the art structure of Glazed UI 1.2

NOTE: When using be sure that the Reverse Bars package has priority over the Glazed Graphite package.

Golden Character Select Frame UI[edit]

This mod changes the color of the character selection frame to gold instead of silver. (Idea improved from Blastedt's version.)

Life-, Energy-, EXP-, and Rez-Sig UI[edit]

This Mod changes the color of the bars and changes the Resurrection Signet.

Minimalist Spirit Radar UI[edit]

-Updated 2007-

This mod adds a very simple line to indicate spirit range. It is a minimalist version of the spirit radars that have been made.

Overhead Health Bar Remover UI[edit]

This mod removes the health bar that hovers over a targets head.

Vert UI[edit]

Profession color edged skin with a simpler style. Changes to health bar for green=healthy, red=damage