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I just wanted to put something here so my username wasn't an unclickable red link. >_>
Oh, and before you ask, no, I don't really think I'm a loser. I asked a friend to come up with a nickname for me, and he immediately said 'losershawn' as a joke. But since I couldn't come up with anything better, I went with it.

Account info, preferences, and such.[edit]

I hate PvE. Just thought I'd get that out there first. Normal mode is so easy you can get through it while half asleep, and Hard Mode is difficult because it's a gimmick, not because it's challenging. Also, I'd rather gouge my eyes out than farm. Nevertheless, I still play it, because I like to look good while I own in PvP. Along the same vein, all my chars are female, because that's what I like to look at rather than being represented by the male chars, who all look like complete tools.
-Champion (1), I haven't gvged (for points) since the last ladder freeze. PuGs and smurfs != champs. Soon as I upgrade and gw runs better than 15 fps though..
-Vanquishing Hero (8), ~3200 fame, because rank means you're good at the game! - Oh wait, no it doesn't, it means you're a halls scrub.


Dark Alley [dR] Name
#1 #2 Common Build-style and Skills Achievements
User losershawn userpagechars.jpg Adept Lightbringer Dervish-icon.png Assassin-icon.png
Wounding Strike
Chilling Victory
Mystic Sweep
Death's Charge
Signet of Mystic Speed
Heart of Fury
Attacker's Insight
Resurrection Signet
Adept Lightbringer (2)
Hexbreaker Aria Paragon-icon.png Warrior-icon.png
Cruel Spear
Harrier's Toss
Vicious Attack
"Go for the Eyes!"
Anthem of Flame
Mending Refrain
Aggressive Refrain
Resurrection Signet
Abused passive defense, and was proud of it.
Inept Was Shawn Ritualist-icon.png Monk-icon.png
Weapon of Remedy
Weapon of Warding
Wielder's Boon
Splinter Weapon
Ancestors' Rage
Protective Was Kaolai
Strength of Honor
Resurrection Signet
Pooped out spirits all the way across Cantha.
Signet of Failure Mesmer-icon.png Monk-icon.png
Signet of Judgment
Bane Signet
Signet of Rage
Signet of Humility
Mantra of Inscriptions
Mirror of Disenchantment
Strength of Honor
Resurrection Signet
Failed at PvE.
...Fails at PvP as well.
Tyrian Skill Hunter Ranger-icon.png Monk-icon.png
Burning Arrow
Savage Shot
Distracting Shot
Apply Poison
Mending Touch
Natural Stride
Troll Unguent
Resurrection Signet
Has somehow escaped deletion. So far.
Tyrian Vanquisher Warrior-icon.png Assassin-icon.png
Body Blow
Distracting Strike
Bull's Strike
Death's Charge
Resurrection Signet
Tyrian Vanquisher (1)
Main char for Hall of Monuments
Watchful Healing Monk-icon.png Elementalist-icon.png
Patient Spirit
Word of Healing
Dismiss Condition
Spirit Bond
Holy Veil
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Is working on fully replacing that other monk.

Mods and userboxes. Joy.[edit]

I'm into modding. I made a mod which replaces the look of skills ingame to that of the skills as seen on the wiki. You can check it out here:


Cause I'm sure you care about these.

PvP This user enjoys PvP.
Guild hall icon.png This user is highly addicted to GvG.
Monk-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Monk by nature.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
Linux-icon.png This user is a Linux gamer.