Enchanted Haste

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Flash Enchantment Spell. For 7 seconds, you move 25% faster. If this enchantment ends prematurely, you lose 1 condition.

Concise description

Flash Enchantment Spell. (7 seconds). You move 25% faster. Lose 1 condition if this enchantment ends prematurely.


Skill trainers

Hero skill trainers

  • Pikin (Kamadan, Jewel of Istan)

Related skills[edit]


  • This skill increases average speed by 11.67% if used every time it recharges.
  • This can be maintained indefinitely with Extend Enchantments at Mysticism 11 (or 9 when using a 20% of Enchanting weapon).


  • The functionality of this skill has changed since its introduction; see its skill revision history for details.