Anatomical Engineer Llye

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Anatomical Engineer Llye
Anatomical Engineer Llye.jpg
Affiliation Asura
Type Asura
Service Stylist
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Anatomical Engineer Llye is an Asuran stylist who offers character makeovers. To make over your character, you need Makeover Credits or Extreme Makeover Credits, which are purchasable via the Guild Wars Online Store.



Appearance change interface
"Do you sometimes wish you could be a whole new you? Well, you are in luck, friend, because now you can! Brought to you by the Aesthetic Krewe and funded by an unknown benefactor, I've been specially trained in the techniques of Anatomical Engineering, giving me the power to change your physical features to whatever your heart desires. You can check out all my options for free, but due to a sizable overhead in research and development, applying the changes to your body is not merely given away. To make your changes permanent, you'll need to purchase Makeover Credits or Extreme Makeover Credits from my benefactor via the Web Store to use as currency in our transaction.
Click on a button below to launch your Web browser to purchase your Credits from the Web Store."
What do you mean by physical features?
"I can change your hair style, hair color, face, skin color, body scale, and even gender. I know all the latest styles from Tyria, Cantha, and Elona, so there is certain to be a combination that appeals to you. Update that tired old hair style with something from a faraway land! Or get an exotic face the people of your country will be in awe of! Any combination is fair game, so long as you can pay in Makeover or Extreme Makeover Credits, of course."
What are Makeover Credits and Extreme Makeover Credits?
"Each Makeover Credit is consumed upon choosing to apply desired changes made to hair style, hair color, face, skin color, and body scale. Opting to change your gender as well will cost an Extreme Makeover Credit, as changing one's gender is a more complicated procedure to perform. Always remember to be sure you are absolutely happy with what you see before making any changes! All alterations are final as soon as you choose to apply them. No additional adjustments or refunds can be negotiated with me; contact my benefactor for that."
Yes You are right, I could use a change!
(Opens up appearance change interface.)
No I think I look fine the way I am.


  • This NPC enables players to modify their character's appearance to a cross-campaign style, for example it can get a Tyrian face, Canthan hair style and Elonian skin color.
    • The choices available for Paragons, Assassin, Ritualists, and Dervishes are limited to the ones already found upon creation because they don't have foreign counterparts.
  • You can preview new looks without purchasing makeover credits.
  • You can see how your character would have looked in the April Fools' Day 2007 event by changing your gender.