Pilgrimage to the Hall of Heroes

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Pilgrimage to the Hall of Heroes
Section Festival Event Quests
Campaign Anniversary Celebration
Given by Anzhaer, Hammer of Balthazar
in Heroes' Ascent
(The Battle Isles)
Type Festival quest Repeatable quest

Quest information[edit]


  • Win 1 battle or participate in 3 battles in Heroes' Ascent.
  • See Anzhaer, Hammer of Balthazar for your reward.



Initial dialogue[edit]

Anzhaer, Hammer of Balthazar
"This portal, safeguarded by the Zaishen, is the stepstone by which thousands of warriors have sought to demonstrate their own legends to the Hall of Heroes. There is no higher field of battle, no worldly tournament to equal those golden halls within the Mists. And so I have come here to rally the Zaishen's adherents, to restoke the flames of endless combat.
Tell your friends, and tell your enemies, that the gates of the Hall of Heroes beckon."
Yes Accept: "Challenge accepted."
No Decline: "I was actually checking to see if you were passing out cupcakes."
Ask Ask: "A single victory washes away a thousand defeats. Struggle toward the Hall of Heroes."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Anzhaer, Hammer of Balthazar
"High Priest Zhang instructs that victory calls for recognition, but remember this: the moment of triumph is your truest reward."


  • Unlike other quests, this quest can only be completed once per account per day.
  • The quest becomes available again at 15:00 UTC each day.
  • Unlike other festival event quests, this quest is not removed from the Quest Log when the associated event has ended and the quest/reward giver no longer spawns.