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Decade weapons are unique weapons which all have an inherent bonus during events (e.g. "Deals 20% additional damage during Festival events"). Aside from Decade Staff "Astral Pillar", all Decade weapons also have one of the two following features:

  1. Combination that cannot be replicated of one or two existing skins and requirements that do not necessarly fit the skin (e.g. sword skin for a wand, duo axe skin for axe, double sword skin for daggers)
  2. Replicable skin, but each auto attack leave a trail of "particles" (e.g. black particles for scythe, red ones for hammer).


Decade weapons can be acquired during the Anniversary Celebration from the Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith in Embark Beach.


Bug Bug.The inherent bonus damage during events for the martial weapons is not the stated 20% increase. Rather, it is a flat 20 armor penetration which is approximately a 41% increase.

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There originally was a Decade Shield; it was cut for a couple reasons. 1: the shield would have needed a unique festival-based mod, whereas the martial and caster weapons already have them. 2: the shield would have been able to stack with the existing 1-hand Decade weapons, increasing their total effectiveness (during festivals).

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