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Decade weapons are unique weapons which all have an inherent bonus during events (e.g. "Deals 20% additional damage during Festival events"). Aside from Decade Staff "Astral Pillar", all Decade weapons also have one of the two following features:

  1. Combination that cannot be replicated of one or two existing skins and requirements that do not necessarly fit the skin (e.g. sword skin for a wand, duo axe skin for axe, double sword skin for daggers)
  2. Replicable skin, but each auto attack leave a trail of "particles" (e.g. black particles for scythe, red ones for hammer).


Decade weapons can be acquired during the Anniversary Celebration from the Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith in Embark Beach.


  • Decade weapons' damage property will count once, no matter how many different effect stacking requirements are met.
  • Decade weapons are customized upon acquisition, so take care to purchase them on the character you wish to use them on.

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There originally was a Decade Shield; it was cut for a couple reasons. 1: the shield would have needed a unique festival-based mod, whereas the martial and caster weapons already have them. 2: the shield would have been able to stack with the existing 1-hand Decade weapons, increasing their total effectiveness (during festivals).

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