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Khan-Ur, or Primus Imperator, is the title of the supreme ruler of the Charr race. The first, and only accepted, Khan-Ur unified the Charr sometime before 100 BE and led the unified Charr into conquest from east of the Blazeridge Mountains into modern Charr Homelands and Ascalon. He was assassinated shortly after the humans established Ascalon, keeping the Charr from mounting a counter-attack against those they saw as invaders. The Khan-Ur's four children formed the four High Legions, leading them as Imperators. His weapon, the Claw of the Khan-Ur, has been used as a symbol for all future would-be Khan-Urs.

Although some Charr have subsequently claimed the title, none have been able to hold it for more than a few years.


  • The first Khan-Ur and the title are a combination of references to Genghis Khan and the Biblical character Ur, father of Eliphal (one of King David's "Mighty Men"). The name Ur is sometimes translated to mean "fire".