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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies.

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The Flame Legion is one of the four High Legions of the Charr. The Flame Legion is renowned for its members' magical prowess and is most commonly associated with the Shaman caste. Known members of its primus warband include Chaelse Flameshielder, Tenagg Flametroller and Tyndir Flamecaller.

The Burnt Warband is one of the most prominent warbands in the Flame Legion. This is due to the Burnt Warband being the group of charr which found their gods, the Titans, at Hrangmer 200 years before the Searing. When the Burnt Warband brought back the knowledge of their "new gods," the Flame Legion quickly took control over the other High Legions through the Shamans of the other three High Legions.

The Flame Legion was the main reason why the Charr were able to cast the ritual of the Searing and attack Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr simultaneously. It wasn't until the fall of Hierophant Burntsoul that the Flame Legion started to lose its grip on the rest of the Charr. Because of the events brought forth by the Flame Legion and the Shaman caste, the Flame Legion were considered the most powerful Charr legion and has been the closest to subjugating the other legions since the fall of the Khan-Ur.