Captain Ahkenchu

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Captain Ahkenchu
Captain Ahkenchu.jpg
Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Service Historian
Level(s) 15
Campaign Nightfall

Captain Ahkenchu is a Sunspear Signalman, a Sunspear historian. He hands outs storybooks for Night Falls (both normal mode and hard mode versions) and Young Heroes of Tyria and accepts filled storybooks in return for Sunspear rewards.



"It's good to see you, (player name). I had a feeling you would come to me eventually. I can see you have ambitions and I can help you. Bring me written evidence of your accomplishments or that of other heroes who have fought for the sunspears and I will spread the words of your deeds. I'll need specific details of course, leave no juicy little piece out."
"Kormir tells me that if you raise your reputation enough, you can earn Hero skill points, which can be spent to teach your Heroes new skills from any of the Hero Skill Trainers in Elona and beyond."
Wow! me[sic] a legend? What do I need to do?
If Sunspear rank is 0-7:
"In your travels, you will come across various Scouts and Wandering Priests sympathetic to our cause. Assist them and they will keep record of your service, but it is still important to take comprehensive notes in those books you carry so there is written evidence of your achievements. Those records will help to increase your reputation"
If Sunspear rank is 8-9:
"You have outdone yourself, my friend. The usual normal deeds aren't going to mean as much as they used to. The time has come for you to take the next step. If you could do all the things you have done before but this time in Hard Mode, the written evidence you bring me will increase your pretutation even more. Youn Heroes of Tyria in Hard Mode would also do the trick."
If Sunspear rank is 10:
"Short of ascending into godhood, I can't imagine you being any more prominent a figure in Sunspear history. Well done!"
Written evidence?
"You have a great opportunity to show the world what you have done for the Sunspears by just writing down the details of your exploits in your copy of Night Falls. You also have the opportunity to tell people the Hard Mode tales of other recent heroes by recording their deeds in the Young Heroes of Tyria.
"I can provide you with blank copies of either of these books. No doubt there are other books out there to show your prowess and skill, but you'll need to find those on your own."
I'll be on my way.