Togo's Story

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Togo's Story
Togo's Story.png
Rarity Common
Type Storybook
Value Can't be sold
Stackable No
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack
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Togo's Story
The Humble Scholar 1  
The Tengu Accords page.jpg
The Tengu Accords
The Tengu Wars 2  
House of Wona 3  
Betrayal 4  
Togo and Talon 5  
Peacemaker 6  


  1. The Humble Scholar page.jpg
    The Humble Scholar
    His name is Master Togo. This is his tale
    On the surface, Togo appears a simple scholar, but his name is hallowed from the great chambers of Raisu Palace to the smallest shop in Senji's Corner. Cups of rice wine are raised in his honor. He is invoked as an exemplar to officials and a role model to children. Even the Tengu speak his name in praise. He is regarded as a savior of Cantha.
    His reputation is well-earned, for Togo ended the Tengu Wars.

  2. The Tengu Wars page.jpg
    The Tengu Wars
    Though Togo was more in his element poring over scrolls and goods, such was not to be. His half-brother, Emperor Kisu of Cantha, requested that he journey with a delegation to Minister Wona's estate on a propitious matter.
    For years, Canthans had battled the avian Tengu, a proud, ruthless, and defiant race. As a young man, Togo himself had fought the Tengu, and knew them to be intractable foes.
    Yet, in the face of this mounting conflict, a hope for peace appeared from a surprising quarter.

  3. House of Wona page.jpg
    House of Wona
    Wona, the emperor's minister of war, had long fought the Tengu. So it surprised all that this great warlord contacted the enemy leaders and requested their presence at his estate for a summit.
    Wona smiled broadly when he heard of Togo's planned attendance. Indeed, the emperor's half-brother would legitimize Wona's intentions in Tengu eyes, and the stars were clearly aligned for a historic occasion.
    So on a snowbound day, Togo and the imperial delegation arrived at the estate in hopes of building a bridge between man and Tengu. Little did he suspect that treachery awaited him in the house of Wona....

  4. Betrayal page.jpg
    Wona's openhanded invitation cloaked deceit, for hatred still burned in the minister's heart. Once he assembled the delegates in his sanctum, he barred the doors and unleashed his assassins. His plan: slay the Tengu leaders as a first strike and fabricate a tale of betrayal, thus escalating the Tengu Wars to the point of no return.
    To Wona, the arrival of Master Togo was fortuitous. He would blame the death of the emperor's half-brother and trusted adviser on the Tengu, thus ensuring Emperor Kisu's full support. Wona would then sweep the Tengu into the sea.

  5. Togo and Talon page.jpg
    Togo and Talon
    Togo was more than a mere scholar, however. He was a soldier in his youth and well trained in the martial arts. He rallied both Tengu and human delegates. Together, they repelled the treacherous assault. Wona fled deeper into his estate with Togo and Talon Silverwing in pursuit. Togo faced three of Wona's minions, defeating each in turn, before at last cutting down Wona and ending his menacing reign.

  6. Peacemaker page.jpg
    In fighting Wona, Togo proved to the Tengu he was a just and honest man. While the Sensali Tengu left the summit in distrust and retreated to their raiding ways, the more civilized Angchu seized the opportunity for a real truce. Master Togo brought the Tengu's complaints to the emperor, and hammered home a lasting peace.
    For his efforts, Togo is venerated as a hero of the Tengu, and a true man of the people to Canthans as well.


Voice responses[edit]

When opening the book
  • "His name is Master Togo, this is his tale."
When entering the mission
  • "Little did he suspect that treachery awaited him in the house of Wona."


  • When the mission is completed, the storybook can be returned to Durmand to get it authorized. Akemi accepts the authorized version in exchange for a Tengu weapon.
  • The voice responses uses Durmand's voice actor.

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