Mammoth Blade

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Mammoth Blade
Mammoth Blade.jpg
Type Sword
Campaign(s) Core
Damage type(s) Slashing damage
PvP reward class Basic
4 Silver Zaishen Coin
Common salvage Iron Ingots
Rare salvage Steel Ingots
Inventory icon Mammoth Blade.png

The Mammoth Blade may be considered a more brutal version of the Steel Broadsword.


The Mammoth Blade can be found:

Eye of the North

Drop research is ongoing, and can be found here.


Dye affects the entire sword. The pommel and etching will dye to the color specified while the blade will become lighter or darker. The default color can be closely replicated using yellow dye.

Mammoth Blade dye chart.jpg
Mammoth Blade (full view) dye chart.jpg