Special Ops: Flame Temple Corridor

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Special Ops: Flame Temple Corridor
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Captain Langmar
in Grothmar Wardowns
(Charr Homelands)
Preceded by The Missing Vanguard
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Decoded Charr battle plans revealed that a Charr legion command unit is scheduled to arrive at the Flame Temple Corridor. Find and kill the legion leader before he discovers your presence and flees.

Quest information[edit]



  • Find and kill [Charr Boss Name], Charr legion leader.
  • You have 15 minutes to find and kill the legion leader before he escapes.



This mission is fairly short. Because the target of this mission is randomly assigned, and the bosses have different spawn locations, there will be no quest objective on your compass or minimap. You have 15 minutes to hunt your target through Flame Temple Corridor. As with other Special Ops missions, you will face a mix of high and low level Charr.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar
"I appreciate Gwen convincing you to rescue our forces, but let's not make a national holiday out of it.
"We're hoping to take advantage of the chaos you've sown in the Charr forces. If you find any Charr battle plans, tell me immediately. We can decode them to figure out their next moves."
Yes I've decoded some Charr battle plans.
"Good work, <Player name>. You've uncovered vital information! I can't spare any troops right now. Do you think you can handle intercepting the Charr and disrupting their plans?"
Yes I'll travel behind enemy lines and put a stop to their nefarious plans.
No I'm not ready to deal with Charr forces right now.

Reward dialogue[edit]

SUCCESS: 1,000 Ebon Vanguard faction earned.


  • To activate the mission, double-click on the decoder and drag and drop the associated Encrypted Charr Battle Plans into it. With the decoded plans still inside the decoder, talk to Captain Langmar, who will now have a dialogue option to enter the mission.
  • When you accept this mission, Captain Langmar takes both your decoder and the battle plans that were inside it, so make sure your party is ready to go beforehand.
  • The reward for this quest is received automatically after completing the objectives.
    • There is no reward if your Ebon Vanguard rank is 8 or higher.
    • If your party is defeated, you will need to acquire a new set of Encrypted Charr Battle Plans to restart it.
Bug Bug.The quest does not mention that the reward can depend on your rank and you will receive the success message even if you are ineligible to receive the reputation reward.