Cathedral Collapse

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Environmental Effect. While in the area, you take 35 damage and are interrupted by the falling pieces of rubble.

Concise description

Environment Effect. Deals 35 damage and interrupts skills of players in the area.

Related skills[edit]


  • This effect will only be encountered when doing the Arborstone mission, after picking up the Urn of Saint Viktor in the entrance to the Cathedral zu Heltzer. When the Urn has been picked up by a player and the resulting cinematic has finished, the party will have to proceed with the mission, while the Cathedral collapses. In certain areas of the Cathedral, this effect is much worse and designated by the Cathedral Collapse environmental effect icon in the effects monitor.
  • While the damage itself is not too bad, the interrupting effect is much more important - especially since there are areas where the party will be forced to make a stand while under this effect. To have skills with activation time interrupted at this time is more than an annoyance.