Nulfastu Earthbound

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Nulfastu Earthbound
Nulfastu Earthbound.jpg
Affiliation Far Shiverpeaks wildlife
Type Nightmare (boss)
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 24 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Nulfastu Earthbound map.jpg
Location in Drakkar Lake

Once a great, northen nature spirit, Nulfastu descended into the dark arts in an attempt to destroy his brethren and usurp their powers. When his intentions were revealed, the other spirits struck down Nulfastu, binding his incorporeal body to this realm and his spirit powers to the next.

Beware! Nulfastu retains great power and should be avoided by all but the most heroic or foolhardy Norn. He can manipulate the minds of the living and is constantly surrounded by the spirits of those he has trapped. The lone survivor of an encounter with Nulfastu reported he appeared as a simple rabbit before wresting control of her mind.

Notorious Foe: Nulfastu, Earthbound

Nulfastu Earthbound is a Vaettir boss that appears in Drakkar Lake at the rabbit hole and has a bounty set by the Norn. He is initially encountered as a Rabbit and runs away when approached before turning into his true form at the center of the rabbit hole, near a dead tree.



Quests involved in:


15 Illusion Magic

Items dropped[edit]


  • Approaching or flagging a hero to Nulfastu's tree will lead to spawning all enemies, some of which will remain level 5 rabbits.
  • On the Notorious Foe signpost and in all linked quests his name has a comma: Nulfastu, Earthbound. However, the name of the NPC himself does not contain a comma.