Turai's Sword

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Turai's Sword
Turai's Sword.jpg
Type Sword
Campaign(s) Bonus Mission Pack
Damage type(s) Slashing damage
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Turai's Sword.png



You get it from Durmand the Historian in either Kaineng City, Kamadan or Lion's Arch for free, as part of the story of Turai Ossa, the Battle of Jahai. The Bonus Mission Pack is required.


Dye affects the wrapping on the sword's handle. The handle will generally dye to the color specified. The default color can be closely replicated using yellow dye.

Turai's Sword dye chart.jpg


  • This sword looks like a solid version of the Eternal Blade; however, Turai's Sword is bigger.
  • It is displayed on the weapon racks in Ascalon City.
Bug Bug. The attack animation of the sword, the white swirl, is broken. When you swing the blade horizontally, the wind animation has a perpendicular vertical motion when your character equips the sword. It only works correctly with the "Turai Ossa" model.
Image of the bug