Celestial Stance

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Skill. For 15 seconds, your entire party has a 75% chance to block attacks and +3 Health regeneration.

Concise description

Skill. (15 seconds.) Affects all party members. 75% chance to block. +3 Health regeneration.


This skill can be temporarily acquired by primary Rangers by talking to Kuunavang in Raisu Palace, Imperial Sanctum or Raisu Palace (explorable area).

Related skills[edit]


  • The skill descriptions omit that this skill can only be recharged when gaining a Morale Boost.
  • Despite the name, this is not a stance.
Anomaly Anomaly.Though it is not listed in the skill description, this skill—like all other celestial skills—has an activation time of 1.
Bug Bug.Using this skill while it is still active does not reset the duration.