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Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, target other ally gains +1 Health and +1 Energy regeneration, but you lose 1 Energy each time that ally casts a Spell.

Concise description

Enchantment Spell. +1 Health regeneration and +1 Energy regeneration. Cannot self-target. You lose 1 Energy each time target ally casts a spell.


Skill trainers


  • Succor is a boon for Paragons, Rangers and Warriors, the three professions with no spells, and the latter two with few non-elite options for energy management.
  • The Assassin and Dervish builds that are heavily invested into melee attacks (and not spells) also mutually benefit from Succor's energy gain, and its status as an enchantment (a conditional for many Dervish skills).

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