Carrier Defense

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Carrier Defense

  • 0.25¼ Activation
  • 1 Recharge
Monster skill

Skill. All nearby foes take 100 damage and are teleported away.

Concise description

Skill. Deals 100 damage to nearby foes and teleports them away.


  • Used by Carrier Juggernauts and Hauler Turtles in The Jade Quarry.
    • Carriers and Haulers tend to spam this skill if they take more than a certain amount of damage from the foes in melee range, or are body blocked for more than a second.
    • If they meet, the Purple Hauler Turtle and Green Carrier Juggernaut will use it on each other, causing one to drop its jade slab, if it is carrying one.
  • Used by Siege Turtles in Fort Aspenwood.
    • Siege Turtles spam this skill if the only non-spirit target(s) is/are in nearby range or a player carrying amber chunks moves into nearby range.
  • Can be interrupted by a knock down.
Anomaly Anomaly.While the skill description says it teleports foes, it actually shadow steps them.
Anomaly Anomaly.Also causes knock down.