Madness Dart

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Hex Spell. Deals 25 damage and inflicts -1 Health degeneration for 10 seconds.

Concise description

Hex Spell. Deals 25 damage and causes -1 Health degeneration (10 seconds).


  • These darts are fired by turrets in the Jokanur Diggings mission.
  • Madness Dart inflicts 25 damage on creatures with armor rating 60, the damage type is unknown.
  • When triggered by Madness Dart, skills such as Vengeful Weapon have no target to deal damage to and as a result will gain health and steal health from the affected creature for the same amount.
  • Causes the visual effects of level 5 drunkenness.
Bug Bug. Unlike other hex spells that cause health degeneration, this does not cause the health bar to become purple.
Bug Bug. Unlike other hex spells, this can target a spirit. This can deal the 25 damage to a spirit and applies the visual animation around the spirit for the 10 second duration; however, the hex spell is not applied to the spirit (their health bar does not display a purple arrow pointing downwards nor do they suffer from the health degeneration).