Vanguard Initiate

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Your armor is improved while performing missions for the Ascalon Vanguard.

Concise description

Your armor is improved while performing missions for the Ascalon Vanguard.

Armor rating[edit]

This environmental effect overrides the armor values found on the individual pieces of armor that you are wearing, setting your armor rating to a fixed amount appropriate for the level of the foes that you are facing.

For example, a level 11 Monk's Krytan Vestments which normally provide an armor rating of 7 will instead provide an armor rating of 15 with this effect active.

Player level Armor rating
Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
10–13 40 25 15
14–16 55 40 25
17–20 70 55 35


  • This effect is applied when entering an explorable area or outpost with an incomplete Vanguard Quest in the Quest Log. It disappears when the quest is marked as completed, after the character has left the current area.
    • Since vanguard quests are lost when leaving pre-Searing Ascalon, the effect is only available there.
  • Whilst under this effect:
    • The base armor of shields provides no additional armor.
    • Additional armor modifiers on weapons and offhands, such as the +7 armor vs. piercing damage on the staff from The Wayward Wizard, do provide additional armor.
  • The armor boost is active vs. all foes level 6 and higher.
    • Profession specific armor bonuses, such as the Warrior's +20 armor vs. physical damage and the Ranger's +30 armor vs. elemental damage, are automatically applied by the buff. This allows for the removal of armor pieces and still maintain profession specific armor passives through the buff.
    • Armor-boosting insignias are still effective vs foes level 5 and lower but are overwritten and ineffective vs foes level 6 and higher.