List of elite skills by Prophecies capture location

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This is a list of elite skills available in Guild Wars Prophecies organized by their capture location. Guild Wars Beyond-related locations and quests are listed separately at the bottom of this page. For a detailed list of elite skills, see: List of elite skills.


Dragon's Gullet[edit]


Kessex Peak[edit]

North Kryta Province[edit]

Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Tangle Root[edit]

Crystal Desert[edit]

Dunes of Despair[edit]

Elona Reach[edit]

Prophet's Path[edit]

Salt Flats[edit]

Thirsty River[edit]

The Dragon's Lair[edit]

The Hall of Heroes (explorable area)[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

Dreadnought's Drift[edit]

Frozen Forest[edit]

Grenth's Footprint[edit]

Ice Caves of Sorrow[edit]

Ice Floe[edit]

Iron Mines of Moladune[edit]

Lornar's Pass[edit]

Mineral Springs[edit]

Snake Dance[edit]

Spearhead Peak[edit]

Talus Chute[edit]

Thunderhead Keep[edit]

Witman's Folly[edit]

Sorrow's Furnace[edit]

Ring of Fire Islands[edit]

Abaddon's Mouth[edit]

Hell's Precipice[edit]

Perdition Rock[edit]

Ring of Fire[edit]

War in Kryta[edit]

Cursed Lands (War in Kryta)[edit]

D'Alessio Seaboard (explorable area)[edit]

Divinity Coast (explorable area)[edit]

Kessex Peak (War in Kryta)[edit]

Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)[edit]

Nebo Terrace (War in Kryta)[edit]

North Kryta Province (War in Kryta)[edit]

Riverside Province (explorable area)[edit]

Scoundrel's Rise (War in Kryta)[edit]

The Black Curtain (War in Kryta)[edit]

Twin Serpent Lakes (War in Kryta)[edit]

Watchtower Coast (War in Kryta)[edit]

Elite skill lists (edit)
Elite skill
By profession
Warrior WarriorRanger RangerMonk MonkNecromancer NecromancerMesmer MesmerElementalist Elementalist
Assassin AssassinRitualist RitualistParagon ParagonDervish DervishProfession All
By capture location
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