List of elite elementalist skills with capture location

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Air Magic[edit]

Blinding Surge Blinding Surge

Glimmering Mark Glimmering Mark

Gust Gust

Invoke Lightning Invoke Lightning

Lightning Surge Lightning Surge

Mind Shock Mind Shock

Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning

Thunderclap Thunderclap

Earth Magic[edit]

Obsidian Flesh Obsidian Flesh

Sandstorm Sandstorm

Shockwave Shockwave

Stone Sheath Stone Sheath

Unsteady Ground Unsteady Ground

Energy Storage[edit]

Elemental Attunement Elemental Attunement

Energy Boon Energy Boon

Ether Prism Ether Prism

Ether Prodigy Ether Prodigy

Ether Renewal Ether Renewal

Glyph of Energy Glyph of Energy

Master of Magic Master of Magic

Fire Magic[edit]

Double Dragon Double Dragon

Mind Blast Mind Blast

Mind Burn Mind Burn

Savannah Heat Savannah Heat

Searing Flames Searing Flames

Star Burst Star Burst

Water Magic[edit]

Icy Shackles Icy Shackles

Mind Freeze Mind Freeze

Mirror of Ice Mirror of Ice

Mist Form Mist Form

Shatterstone Shatterstone

Ward Against Harm Ward Against Harm

Water Trident Water Trident

No Attribute[edit]

Glyph of Renewal Glyph of Renewal

Second Wind Second Wind

Elite skill lists (edit)
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Assassin AssassinRitualist RitualistParagon ParagonDervish DervishProfession All
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