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Affiliation Far Shiverpeaks wildlife
Type Elemental (boss)
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
White Out map.jpg
Location in Jaga Moraine

Beware! White Out [sic] has been rumored to be camouflaged within the snow storms of Jaga Moraine. When traveling in the deep snow banks of this area, all should beware as this creature could be disguised within the snow and searching for easy prey.

Notorious Foe: Whiteout

Whiteout is an Avalanche boss that appears in Jaga Moraine.



Quests involved in:


Items dropped[edit]


  • Whiteout resides at the top of a steep rise, on a narrow path.
    • Beware of tumbling boulders that can instantly kill anyone in their path.
    • If you are using heroes and/or henchmen, flag them at the bottom of the rise, the walk up the path to trigger the boulders so that you can more easily dodge them.
  • Whiteout is accompanied by an Avalanche and two Ice Elementals, but is very vulnerable to fire damage.
    • Focus everyone's attack on Whiteout and he will go down quickly. After killing him your party will be able to take out the rest of the enemies.
    • To farm this boss, rezone at the nearby Frostmaw's Burrows dungeon portal.