List of elite ritualist skills with capture location

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Channeling Magic[edit]

Caretaker's Charge Caretaker's Charge

Clamor of Souls Clamor of Souls

Destructive Was Glaive Destructive Was Glaive

Grasping Was Kuurong Grasping Was Kuurong

Offering of Spirit Offering of Spirit

Signet of Spirits Signet of Spirits

Weapon of Fury Weapon of Fury


Signet of Ghostly Might Signet of Ghostly Might

Wanderlust Wanderlust

Weapon of Quickening Weapon of Quickening

Restoration Magic[edit]

Defiant Was Xinrae Defiant Was Xinrae

Preservation Preservation

Spirit Light Weapon Spirit Light Weapon

Tranquil Was Tanasen Tranquil Was Tanasen

Vengeful Was Khanhei Vengeful Was Khanhei

Weapon of Remedy Weapon of Remedy

Xinrae's Weapon Xinrae's Weapon

Spawning Power[edit]

Attuned Was Songkai Attuned Was Songkai

Consume Soul Consume Soul

Reclaim Essence Reclaim Essence

Ritual Lord Ritual Lord

Soul Twisting Soul Twisting

Spirit Channeling Spirit Channeling

Spirit's Strength Spirit's Strength

Wielder's Zeal Wielder's Zeal

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