List of elite mesmer skills with capture location

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Domination Magic[edit]

Enchanter's Conundrum Enchanter's Conundrum

Energy Surge Energy Surge

Hex Eater Vortex Hex Eater Vortex

Panic Panic

Power Block Power Block

Power Flux Power Flux

Psychic Distraction Psychic Distraction

Simple Thievery Simple Thievery

Visions of Regret Visions of Regret

Fast Casting[edit]

Arcane Languor Arcane Languor

Keystone Signet Keystone Signet

Mantra of Recovery Mantra of Recovery

Psychic Instability Psychic Instability

Stolen Speed Stolen Speed

Symbols of Inspiration Symbols of Inspiration

Illusion Magic[edit]

Air of Disenchantment Air of Disenchantment

Crippling Anguish Crippling Anguish

Fevered Dreams Fevered Dreams

Illusionary Weaponry Illusionary Weaponry

Ineptitude Ineptitude

Migraine Migraine

Recurring Insecurity Recurring Insecurity

Shared Burden Shared Burden

Signet of Illusions Signet of Illusions

Inspiration Magic[edit]

Energy Drain Energy Drain

Extend Conditions Extend Conditions

Lyssa's Aura Lyssa's Aura

Mantra of Recall Mantra of Recall

Power Leech Power Leech

Tease Tease

No Attribute[edit]

Echo Echo

Expel Hexes Expel Hexes

Shatter Storm Shatter Storm

Signet of Midnight Signet of Midnight

Elite skill lists (edit)
Elite skill
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Warrior WarriorRanger RangerMonk MonkNecromancer NecromancerMesmer MesmerElementalist Elementalist
Assassin AssassinRitualist RitualistParagon ParagonDervish DervishProfession All
By capture location
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