Mercia the Smug

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Mercia the Smug
Mursaat caster.jpg
Affiliation Mursaat
Type Mursaat (boss)
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 20, 28 (30)
Campaigns Prophecies
Bonus Mission Pack
Abaddons Mouth Mursaat and Jade Map.jpg
Location in Abaddon's Mouth.

Mercia the Smug was one of the Mursaat present at the Rise of the White Mantle. He assisted Saul D'Alessio in the defense of Kryta against the Charr invasion.

Mercia is killed in the Abaddon's Mouth mission guarding the Door of Komalie.



16 Domination Magic


Our plans are far too complex for you to understand, disciple. Do not bother trying to comprehend them.

Items dropped[edit]