Gift of the Djinn

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Gift of the Djinn
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Library Envoy Chukeht
in Mihanu Township
Preceded by Dasha Vestibule
Type Secondary quest
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Help Library Envoy Chukeht find a fabulous treasure in the Hidden City of Ahdashim.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet Library Envoy Chukeht in The Hidden City of Ahdashim.
  • Defeat the Fire Djinn Lord to acquire its essence.
  • Defeat the Water Djinn Lord to acquire its essence.
  • Place the essences in their respective altars inside the vault room.
  • Flee from the djinn horde!
  • See Library Envoy Chukeht for your reward.



Meet up with Library Envoy Chukeht (4) in the Hidden City, and follow the quest pointer to each of the djinn lords (1) and (2). After doing this, head to the large open area where the altars are (3). It is a very good idea to clear this area of djinn before activating both Altar of Water and Altar of Fire, since even more djinn will spawn when you do. After placing the essences on the altars, you must flee back to the entry portal of the Hidden City; do not map out, as this will leave the quest unfinished.




Elementals (Djinn)


Elementals (Djinn)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Library Envoy Chukeht

"Ah, you are the heroes who solved the secrets of the Hidden City of Ahdashim, yes? I have a lucrative proposition for you. Through a scholarly connection, someone from the Halls of Chokhin who shall remain nameless, I am aware of a valuable item stored inside the Hidden City. Known as the Gift of the Djinn, this treasure is worth an untold fortune. Help me recover it and I'll make it worth your while."
Yes Accept: "Oh, boy! A treasure hunt!"
No Decline: "Treasure, eh? Never heard that one before. I'll pass."
Ask Ask: "Meet me in the Hidden City of Ahdashim. Soon, the Gift of the Djinn will be ours."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Library Envoy Chukeht

"We must gather two items to unlock the Gift of the Djinn: an Essence of Pure Flame and an Essence of Pure Water. Each must be culled from the slain djinn lord of that element. With essences in hand, we must then convene at the altar in the central vault."
Library Envoy Chukeht: "Let us move with haste! The Gift of the Djinn awaits us!"

After defeating the djinn lords

Library Envoy Chukeht: "Finally, we have both of the essences. Now we must place them on the altar inside the central vault."

After placing essences on the altars

Library Envoy Chukeht: "The anticipation is almost unbearable! Quickly! Place the essences on those altars. I can almost feel the treasure in my hands!"
Library Envoy Chukeht: "What is this? W...where is the treasure? Where did all those djinn come from!"
Library Envoy Chukeht: "We're outnumbered! Run for your lives!"
Library Envoy Chukeht: "More djinn! Keep running!"
Library Envoy Chukeht: "Faster! Faster! Don't look back!"
Library Envoy Chukeht: "Almost there! Just a little further..."
Library Envoy Chukeht: "I can barely catch my breath. Let us press on to Mihanu Township. It'll be safe there."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Library Envoy Chukeht

"I must apologize for my blunder. Upon further examination of the details, it turns out the treasure isn't the Gift of the Djinn, but rather the Gift OF Djinn. Amazing how the omission of one little word changes everything, yes? On the bright side, I did manage to net several works of art from inside the vault. Your time is worth this much, I think."


  • There are popup djinn throughout the area, including be multiple Ruby Djinn; bring skills to remove burning.
  • The djinn lords do not drop a quest item that you need to pick up or carry; after defeating each djinn, the quest log will update.
  • Activating this quest increases the number of djinn in the Hidden City, making it useful for farming their trophies: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Water Djinn Essence.