The Villainy of Galrath (Hard mode)

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The Villainy of Galrath
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Firstwatch Sergio
in Lion's Arch
Preceded by The Villainy of Galrath and Hell's Precipice
Type Secondary quest
Wizard's Tower map.jpg
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Wade through lots of undead, evil plants, trolls, minotaurs, and possibly White Mantle to reach and kill Galrath in Hard mode.

Quest information[edit]




For the route to Galrath, see the The Villainy of Galrath. He is surrounded by several groups of level 30 bandits. Careful pulling of these mobs is essential to avoid being overwhelmed. Be aware that the mobs tend to aggro simultaneously, so be prepared to conduct long pulls to string them out.

It is possible to engage the bandits from the foot of the cliff, where the path emerges from the northern valley. The main damage-dealers are melee assassins, so this can trim their numbers down with less risk to your party. You can also lure them into Verata's cultists, who are occupying the lower slopes of the hill; the ensuing fight will usually see the cultists quickly defeated, saving you some work in clearing the way to Galrath.

Skill recommendations[edit]



Humans (Bandits)

  • MonkMesmer 30 Bandit
  • NecromancerElementalist 30 Bandit
  • MesmerRitualist 30 Bandit
  • Assassin 30 Bandit


Humans (White Mantle)


See the normal mode version.


  • This quest is not available to certain characters.
    • ArenaNet suggests that completing Hell's Precipice will enable those characters to receive the hard mode version. (Source.)
    • However, some players have been able to obtain the quest without taking that step.
  • Consets can help with making this quest easier.