Verata the Necromancer

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Verata the Necromancer
Ascalon necromancer m.jpgVerata.jpg
Affiliation Cult of Verata
Type Human (boss)
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 2, 14 (24), 24 (30)
Campaign Prophecies
Wizard's Tower map.jpg
Location in Kessex Peak

Verata is the first Necromancer Profession quest giver in pre-Searing Ascalon. After the Searing, he continued his research on undead minions, but his eager desire for knowledge caused him to use forbidden practices to increase the speed of his research. Because of this, he became an outcast of "the Order" and formed his own guild.



Quest given:

Quests involved in:


Level 2, Lakeside County[edit]

4 Death Magic

Level 14, Renegade Necromancer[edit]

12 Death Magic (20 Death Magic in Hard mode)

Level 24 (30), Kessex Peak[edit]

15 Death Magic (20 Death Magic in Hard mode)


Lakeside County[edit]

to Necromancers
"Ah, fresh blood. I sense the faint hum of power in your veins.
What brings you here?"
to Monks
"Oh, look, a Monk! Afraid of the dark? You should be..."
to Elementalists, Mesmers, Rangers and Warriors
"I've nothing to offer the likes of you...unless you'd like to come over to the dark? I thought not. Talk to one of the others."
if spawned together with Howland the Elementalist
Verata the Necromancer bows to Howland the Elementalist.
Howland the Elementalist: "Ahem...yes, to you as well Verata."
if spawned together with Sebedoh the Mesmer
Sebedoh the Mesmer: "Ah, Verata. I'm surprised to see you out in the daylight."
Verata the Necromancer yawns at Sebedoh the Mesmer.
Sebedoh the Mesmer: "That's good advice. Perhaps I should go inside and take a nap."
if spawned together with Ciglo the Monk
Ciglo the Monk: "Would that you would see the light, Verata, but alas, I fear you never will."
Verata the Necromancer bows to Ciglo the Monk.
if spawned together with Artemis the Ranger
Artemis the Ranger: "Verata! How are you, my friend? You're looking a bit pale...heh heh."
Verata the Necromancer shoos Artemis the Ranger away.
Artemis the Ranger: "Humor is good for the soul, Verata! And laughter is the cure to all life's ills. Well, most of them, anyway."
if spawned together with Van the Warrior
Verata the Necromancer beckons Van the Warrior.
Van the Warrior: "Very funny, Verata. You'll not have a chance at my corpse anytime soon."

Items dropped[edit]



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