List of Ascalon (pre-Searing) skill quest givers

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Info-Logo.png Note: These NPCs are not skill trainers, they are profession trainers and quest givers who provide skill quests.
Name Location
Any First skill quest givers (primary profession only)
Warrior Van the Warrior
Ranger Artemis the Ranger
Monk Ciglo the Monk
Necromancer Verata the Necromancer
Mesmer Sebedoh the Mesmer
Elementalist Howland the Elementalist
Lakeside County, just outside Ascalon City.
Any All professions
Lina the Healer Lakeside County, at the resurrection shrine just outside Ascalon City.
Warrior Warrior
Warmaster Grast1 Just inside the entrance to Green Hills County, from Lakeside County.
Duke Barradin Inside Barradin's Estate.
Little Thom Inside Barradin's Estate.
Ranger Ranger
Master Ranger Nente1 In Regent Valley, down the worn path with the sign "To King's Watch." This path ultimately leads towards Fort Ranik.
Ivor Trueshot Also in Regent Valley, further down the path towards Fort Ranik, up on the hill on the right, just before the second bridge.
Aidan2 In Wizard's Folly, near the fishing village located near the Y in the rivers.
Monk Monk
Brother Mhenlo1 In Ashford Abbey
Grazden the Protector Just inside the entrance to Green Hills County, from Lakeside County, just past Warmaster Grast.
Necromancer Necromancer
Necromancer Munne1 Just inside the Catacombs from the entrance inside Ashford Abbey
Kasha Blackblood Just inside the entrance to Green Hills County, from Lakeside County, near the resurrection shrine with Grazden.
Oberan the Reviled3 Deep inside the Catacombs, near one of the hallways to the ring.
Mesmer Mesmer
Lady Althea1 In Lakeside County, up the hill to the left of the entrance to Ascalon, as you are facing the entrance.
Vassar Inside Foible's Fair.
Elementalist Elementalist
Elementalist Aziure1 In Wizard's Folly by the tower on the mountain southwest of Foible's Fair.
Ralena Stormbringer Inside Foible's Fair.

1 Primary skill quest giver
2 An easy way to find Aidan is to take the The Hunter's Horn quest from Chantalle the Troubadour who is located in the town of Ashford just outside Ashford Abbey.
3 Easiest to find while on the quest Charr in the Catacombs.


  • You cannot get any secondary profession skill quests from any other profession trainer past the one labeled "Primary Trainer" without deciding to have that profession for your secondary one.
  • Even though these NPCs are not skill trainers, they are called trainers in the in-game dialogue.
  • Halbrik is the only skill trainer in pre-Searing and only teaches skills, that are also obtainable through pre-Searing quests, to characters that are at least level 10.


  • Howland the Elementalist, Sebedoh the Mesmer, and Van the Warrior are found post-Searing in Yak's Bend. Artemis the Ranger is found nearby in Traveler's Vale, and Verata the Necromancer is involved in a few quests.

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