Necromancer Munne

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Necromancer Munne
Necromancer Munne.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Service Collector
Level(s) 5 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

Necromancer Munne is a profession trainer for Necromancers. According to Nicholas Sandford, she sometimes trades Vampiric Dragon Swords to him.



Quests given:

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"Ahh, an adventurous one. What brings you to the dark today?"
⇒ Haven't you used Votive Candles in your rituals?
"Why yes, I have. Haven't you?"
⇒ I don't recall, that's why I'm asking you. Do you remember where you got the candles?
"Of course I do! I make them."
⇒ You make them? Could I buy a few?
"I would make you some for free, but I have no wax. Very few bees around these parts. Bring me 3 Honeycombs, intact! No nibbles. No bites. I need all the wax, intact. Bring me that and I'll make a batch of candles."
⇒ I've got 3 Honeycombs, would you make me some candles? (if at least 3 Honeycombs are in inventory)
"This beeswax is very fine for making candles. I'd forgotten how calm the dipping makes me feel. Ahhh..."
No I'll be on my way.

Collector items[edit]

Necromancer Munne[edit]

Location: Sardelac Sanitarium
Collecting: 3 Honeycombs

Icon Item name Value
Votive Candle.png 6 Votive Candles Can't be sold


  • Strangely, Necromancer Munne wields a hammer in close combat.
  • She will not trade honeycombs for candles until you have spoken to Lieutenant Thackeray about collecting the candles.