An Ingenious Plan

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An Ingenious Plan
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by The Countess of Hakewood
in Lion's Arch
Type Festival quest
An Ingenious Plan.jpg
Ettin locations in Perdition Rock.
Two appear at the southwest point.

Travel to the Ring of Fire Island Chain and destroy five Ettin bosses.

Quest information[edit]




Travel to Ember Light Camp and exit into Perdition Rock. Four of the five ettin bosses will spawn in the western one-third and the fifth on the southeast corner of the map. They will all appear together with the regular random spawn of bosses.

Unless you plan to vanquish the area, the fastest way is to follow the quest marker to each boss and dispatch it.






Initial dialogue[edit]

The Countess of Hakewood
The time draws near. Can you feel it? The seals that divide this world from our realm grow weaker. We must press on! And "we" still means "you." I have located our final target: the Ingenious Ettins, which can be found on Perdition Rock.
Ages ago, when King Thorn still ruled Kryta, the ettins sought to overthrow him. They hatched a plan, a cunning one, I will admit, to dispose of our most exalted liege by means of a rock. A rock bigger and more improbable than even your wildest imaginings can fathom. DON'T TRY! In response, King Thorn found those responsible, the smartest of the ettins, and banished them to Perdition Rock. And there they have remained, biding their time and plotting their revenge. If our king is to return to this world, this ettin threat must be extinguished. They must not be allowed to prevent his coming!
Yes Accept: "I'll teach those ettins a thing or two."
No Decline: "Ingenious Ettins? The prospect alone is too terrifying for me!"
Ask Ask: "Every second you delay, those ettins grow smarter. EVERY SECOND."

Reward dialogue[edit]

The Countess of Hakewood
The ettins are gone? Yes, yes, it is well and good. Their cunning would have proved problematic for us in the long run. I sense we have weakened the seals...but is it enough? Perhaps our work is not yet done. But another day, another time. Our next visit should be our last. We will break the last of the seals, and King Thorn will once again rule these lands! I will give you this reward for your assistance. And this piece of knowledge: practice laughing now, little one. Your life may depend on it.