Elemental Shift

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Form. Creature becomes attuned to a different element.

Concise description

Form. Creature becomes attuned to a different element.


  • This skill is used by Chromatic Drakes in order to switch between their four skill sets.
    • There is a different version of this skill for each skill set.
  • Upon use, energy and overcast values are reset to full and none respectively and the newly obtained skill bar is recharged.
    • The different versions of this skill allow the user to switch between elements as soon as the new skill set appears.
    • Used versions of Elemental Shift themselves are not recharged. If the user successfully cycles through all four unique skill sets within the 30 seconds recharge time, they will have to wait for the recharge to finish on the next skill set.
  • During a short-term bug with Simple Thievery which allowed players to use monster skills, this skill would turn the player into a drake and set their maximum energy to 80. The effect wore off after zoning.