Turtle Shell

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Stance. Reduces damage from non-critical hits.

Stance. Reduces damage from non-critical hits.

Concise description
Stance. Reduces damage from non-critical hits.


  • Many Turtles and Kappas use this skill.
  • The damage reduction is equal to the creature's level, e.g. all direct damage to level 23 Kappas will be reduced by 23.
    • The reduction takes place after taking into account reductions due to the turtle's armor rating.
  • The skill description does not include any activation or recharge time; it is possible that the skill recharges instantly, as turtles have been observed to re-enter the stance quickly.
  • Turtle Shell, like other stances, can be removed by Wild Blow, Wild Strike, or Wild Throw (each of which will deal full damage, since the stance is removed first).
  • Assassins may use ranks in Critical Strikes to reduce the effect of this stance.
  • Repetitive, low damage attacks are ineffective, e.g. hammers are better suited than swords to counter the stance's effect.

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