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Skill. Will open doors and unlocks locked locks.

Skill. Will open doors and unlocks locked locks.

Concise description
Skill. Opens doors and locks.


  • Claim Resource is a group of skills used by various NPCs throughout the missions of the game and in PvP for numerous things. The skill's title basically explains what it does - the NPC activating it somehow captures or manipulates an object in the game, such as opening a gate or summoning a ship.
  • The activation time for this skill varies from case to case; it is often 5 seconds.
  • Energy cost likewise differs; often there is none, but there are some exceptions (such as the version used by mages in Ruins of Surmia, which costs 5 energy).
  • This skill uses the same skill animation as Fast Casting and No Attribute Mesmer spells.

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