Impossible Odds

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Skill. All hexes are removed from Shiro. For the next 10 seconds, all of Shiro's attacks are double strikes and hit nearby foes. Shiro tranfers [sic] any conditions from himself to foes he hits.

Concise description

Skill. (10 seconds.) All Shiro's attacks are double strikes and hit nearby foes. Shiro transfers conditions from himself to foes he hits. Initial effect: removes all hexes from Shiro.


  • This is a monster skill used by Shiro Tagachi when he is at approximately 25% health or below.
  • The skill's description is somewhat poor. It might be better to say "Shiro attacks twice" rather than "his attacks double strike." Shiro, being extremely high level, almost always double strikes anyway. This skill actually causes him to attack twice, making it possible for him to hit his target and nearby foes four times per swing.
Anomaly Anomaly.Similar to Shiro's other skills, the descriptions do not mention that this skill cannot be disabled.


  • Because of the large number of attacks this produces, skills such as Spiteful Spirit, Spoil Victor, Pain Inverter and Empathy have the ability to trigger multiple times, potentially turning this devastating skill into a suicide skill. Stacking such hexes is in general one of the better ways to defeat Shiro.
  • Using a quick-recharging blind skill, such as Blinding Flash, will make a large number of his attacks miss. Note that the skill itself also transfers conditions to those hit by it, so after the first hit the blindness will be gone. If the source of blind is fast applying but short duration (Shadowsong, for example), Shiro can be kept blinded for much of the time while keeping the effect on party members minimal.
  • It can be interrupted by skills like Distracting Shot.
    • Note that Distracting Shot won't lengthen Impossible Odds' recharge since it cannot be disabled.
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