Heart of Abaddon

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Heart of Abaddon
Heart of Abaddon.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Abaddon's Gate
Heart of Abaddon map.jpg
Mission map

The very heart of the Realm of Torment. This desolate area covered in eyes and teeth shadowed by floating towers that are filled with what is either human mouths or dentures, though small, can be deadly.

Getting there[edit]

Talk to Keeper Shafoss in Abaddon's Gate to gain entry. The secondary quest Finding a Purpose (the quest to unlock Razah) takes place here.







Demons (Torment creatures)


If Razah is in the party (and no party member has Finding a Purpose active), certain spots in this area will trigger a monologue from Razah.

At the area where the first Binding Guardian was:

Razah: "I spent days staring into the eyes on these walls, wondering why they were watching at me, what they were thinking, who they belonged to. Are there souls behind those waxy stares, or are they simply the facade of the tormented and soulless dead? I do not have the answer."

At the area where the second and third Binding Guardians were:

Razah: "These plants are fascinating, are they not? They grow throughout the realm wherever there is enough blood for them to feed. Do not touch them; one prick will lead to a painful and certain death."

At the area where Razah was trapped within the barrier:

Razah: "Although I was bound here, I have no resentment towards this place. The soft, pulsing light that permeates the land reminds me of the Mists."


Bug Bug.Razah appears to say each of his lines twice.

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