Finding a Purpose

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Finding a Purpose
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Chaplain Phyratyss
in Gate of Anguish
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Abaddon's Gate
Type Secondary quest
Finding a Purpose map.jpg
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Visit a new explorable area and aid the hero Razah.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak to Keeper Shafoss to gain entrance to the Heart of Abaddon.
  • Explore the Heart of Abaddon.
  • Speak to Razah.
  • Destroy the binding guardians and free Razah. [3...0] of 3 guardians remain.
  • Speak to Razah.
  • See Chaplain Phyratyss for your reward.



Travel to Abaddon's Gate and speak to Keeper Shafoss.

After you enter the Heart of Abaddon, dispose of the patrols around the first Binding Guardian. There are four separate groups, so take care to draw them in one at-a-time. Remain close to the portal until you have dispatched at least two of the groups.

Once it is safe, follow the quest markers towards Razah. If you remembered to bring Gaze of Fury or Spirit to Flesh, remove the Binding Guardians as you proceed. Regardless, walk along the path, carefully dealing with the patrols and popups as you head up the hill.

Talk to Razah to trigger his dialogue; if you have already removed the guardians, talk to him again to complete the quest.

Otherwise head back down the hill to take care of the guardians one by one. If you get too close to them, you will trigger reinforcements. At the two shrines nearest Razah, they will consist of a Margonite and 4 creatures from the Shadow Army; these are probably easier to deal with than the demonic patrols. The reinforcements at the shrine closest to the portal are more annoying: 4 Titan Abominations; as each dies, it turns into two Madness Titans. Fortunately, you only have to defeat the guardian; once that is done, you can retreat to speak to Razah to finish the quest.

You can avoid triggering the reinforcements by killing the guardians using long-range attacks, e.g. using long- or flatbows or spells. Since these spirits are weak, you can manage this with a single ranger with sufficient fire power or using any nuking build.

Recommended skills[edit]




Demons (Margonites) (spawns when attacking the first spirit)

Nightmares (Shadow Army) (spawns when attacking the second spirit)


Titans (spawns when attacking the third spirit; the following Titans are arranged in spawning pattern order)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Chaplain Phyratyss
With Abaddon's defeat, the Realm of Torment is being explored every day. I heard news of a passage from Abaddon's Gate to a newly discovered area called the "Heart of Abaddon." What secrets might lie within? I would visit myself, but I cannot leave my post. Investigate for me and I'll make it worth the effort.
Yes Accept: "With the knowledge I bring back, you'll be the envy of your clergy."
No Decline: "Sloth is a deadly sin, chaplain. I suggest you investigate, yourself."
Ask Ask: "Go to Abaddon's Gate and find entry to the Heart of Abaddon. Tell me what you find inside. My curiosity is piqued."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Keeper Shafoss
This area is off limits...but your reputation precedes you, hero. If you have defeated a god, who am I to tell you where you may or may not go?
Ask I wish to enter the Heart of Abaddon.
"The Heart of Abaddon is unexplored and potentially dangerous. Are you prepared to risk life and limb?"
Yes I am aware of the dangers and prepared to meet them.
No I've changed my mind.
I have been alone for what seems like ages. I am Razah, created from the Mists. I have no memories of my creation, though; the past is shrouded in fog. Abaddon bound me to this plane. His minions blessed me with knowledge to fulfill a great purpose. However, I can sense that Abaddon is no more. Now I am without purpose, my existence without meaning. So tell me... are you here to give me my purpose?
Yes We must find our own purpose in life, Razah.
Search for my own purpose? An interesting concept. To not be told what to do; to merely...exist to find a purpose. I find you curious, unlike anything I have ever encountered. I wish to journey with you to learn more about your ways. Perhaps my purpose is to travel through the world with you.
Yes We always welcome new allies.
Allies? I do not understand your words. I have much to learn. However, you must remove the barriers that bind me if I am to accompany you. I am restrained by guardians summoned by Abaddon. As long as they exist, I must remain here. Destroy these guardians and Razah will be your "allies."
The barriers are no more. I offer you my skills and my insight. As a child of the Mists, I have an affinity for things spiritual. In return, you will show me how you experience life and aid me in finding the purpose for which I was created. I must take this time to reflect. I will meet you later.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Chaplain Phyratyss
A being created from the Mists? I would have never thought that possible. I knew the Heart of Abaddon held secrets, but this is far more than I could have hoped! I would like to meet this Razah. Bring him...or it, rather...around when you get the chance.



  • This quest was significantly changed, as was the entry NPC.

Old objectives[edit]


  • QUEST FAILED: Keeper Mirzesh [sic] is missing! Return to Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish for more information.

Old intermediate dialogue (replaced by Keeper Shafoss' dialogue)[edit]

Keeper Millzesh

"Access to the Heart of Abaddon is restricted. We have no idea what dangers or secrets lie inside, and have strict orders to keep everyone out. However...there are rumors of folks unearthing some very precious gemstones around the Gate of Anguish. I bet if I had one of each of type of these sparkling rocks, I'd be so mesmerized by their luster that I might not notice someone slipping past. Understand what I'm saying?"
Accept: "What a coincidence! I just happen to have one of each gemstone right here...."
Decline: "Gemstones are an adventurer's best friend. I keep my friends close."

Keeper Millzesh

"Oh yes, these gems are certainly exquisite. The colors are brilliant and I can feel the vibrations of power emanating from deep within each one. I just can't keep my eyes off them..."
Accept: "So...since you're busy ogling these gems I'll just go somewhere else. Like the Heart of Abaddon."
Decline: "I'm not sneaking past you. No, sirree."