One Man's Dream

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One Man's Dream
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Hedge Wizard Mabai
in Garden of Seborhin
Preceded by Garden Chores
Type Secondary quest
One Man's Dream map.jpg
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Find the wish giver in the Forum Highlands by following the clues on Mabai's ancient parchment, when you find this creature, ask it to make Mabai's dreams come true.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet Hedge Wizard Mabai in the Forum Highlands.
  • Seek the wish grantor using the clues in the ancient parchment.
  • Find Hedge Wizard Mabai in the Halls of Chokhin.



After starting the quest with Hedge Wizard Mabai in the Garden, map travel to Jennur's Horde and exit through the east portal. Hedge Wizard Mabai is immediately to your right. After talking to him again, map travel to Tihark Orchard and exit through the west portal. Head roughly south (trend west) to a spot just north of the second resurrection shrine (see the map) to find the dusty urn. It is advisable to clear the immediate area of enemies and spread out your party before interacting with the urn, as the spawns will use powerful AoE that can instantly wipe an unprepared party if it is clustered together around the urn. This is because the djinns will spawn on top of your party and immediately subject it to Searing Flames, Fire Storm and Dervish attacks. Additionally, Mabai will body block and impede the party's escape.

When ready, rub the dusty urn (by selecting it) three times and defeat the Djinn Overseer who appears (along with a Ruby Djinn and 2 Sapphire Djinns). Defeat them and the Overseer turns friendly. Talk to the now friendly Djinn Overseer. Travel to the Halls of Chokhin (inside the Holdings of Chokhin) and talk to Mabai, now Prince Mabai.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Hedge Wizard Mabai

"According to the parchment scrawlings, there exists a powerful being in Vabbi that has the magic to make wishes come true. This wish-granting entity is located in the vicinities of the Forum Highlands. As the writing states:
"Within the passages of sand and stone
Turn your head to see water take flight
It won't be long 'til your wish is in sight."
Meet me in the Forum Highlands, and we shall find the answer to all of our dreams!"
Yes Accept: "Finally, my wishes will be granted!"
No Decline: "The answer to your dreams is a bath and a real job."
Ask Ask: "What are you waiting for? Meet me in the Forum Highlands."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Hedge Wizard Mabai:

"The wish grantor must be here somewhere. Pay attention to the clues and keep your eyes peeled."

Intermediate dialogue (urn rubbing)[edit]

You give the urn a good rub but end up with nothing but a dark stain on your sleeve.
You rub the urn again. Suddenly... nothing happens.

Intermediate dialogue (after defeating Djinn Overseer)[edit]

Djinn Overseer

"Your companion's wish has been granted. I must now return to my slumber. Only one wish may be gifted every hundred years. See your friend in the Halls of Chokhin, although you might not recognize him."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Prince Mabai

"Hello! Sorry to have abandoned you in a flash, but I couldn't wait to have my chance with Princess Leifah. I'm now Vabbi's newest and richest royalty, but even now her heart is mysteriously out of reach. Wealth and status were not the only things I lacked, and I'm finding that there is more to life than the pleasure of gold. For now it will have to do. Here, take this as thanks for your help."


  • If you zoom in and look up after turning south you will see a series of jeweled mirrors with rays of light pointing towards another mirror. Follow it to easily complete the quest.
  • It is not required to talk to Hedge Wizard Mabai in Forum Highlands - the quest will update anyway after talking to the Djinn Overseer.