Dusty Urn

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Dusty Urn
Type Interactive object
Campaign Nightfall
Nicholas the Traveler Forum Highlands map.jpg
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The Dusty Urn is found in Forum Highlands. "Rubbing it" (selecting it) three times causes the Djinn Overseer to spawn.




This item behaves differently after each click:

  • The first click triggers the following message:
"You give the urn a good rub but end up with nothing but a dark stain on your sleeve."
  • The second click triggers another message:
"You rub the urn again. Suddenly...nothing happens."


  • The Djinn Overseer becomes neutral after defeat. Speak to him to continue the quest.
Anomaly Anomaly.If the quest isn't completed, the Dusty Urn will also appear even if the quest is not active.