Rune of Vitae

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Rune of Vitae
Rune All Minor.png
Rarity Common
Type Rune
Value 25 Gold
Stackable No
Bonus +10 Health
Profession Any-tango-icon-20.png Any

A Rune of Vitae is a common (blue) rune that provides a small +10 health bonus. It stacks with itself and all other health boosting runes (unlike Runes of Vigor, which do not), and is thus commonly used on all pieces of armor not containing other runes. This rune can be used by characters of any profession.


  • Vita is Latin for "life" whereas Vitae is either its plural form, or its singular genitive form, "of life." More than likely, the actual meaning is for the genitive. In either case, the translated name would be incorrect. "Rune of lives" or "Rune of of life," both are grammatically incorrect.

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