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The {{Armor art comparison}} preview template is meant to help people make armor comparisons. It is designed for preview use only (i.e. use the "Show preview" button) since comparing how different armor sets look is something that does not really warrant permanently saving it (although there is nothing stopping you from saving it if you really want to). This is targeted at those users who would like to place different armor sets side-by-side to help decide which one to craft.


Just pick any page and edit it. Sandbox is probably the best choice. The explanation provided on the template should be sufficient. Just remember that you do not need to save a page, just preview the page. The following are simple examples that should make things very clear on how to use the template.

Example 1 (reminder: Just preview, don't save):

To compare all the female prestige mesmer armor accessible from Prophecies, copy and preview the following:

{{Armor art comparison|Mesmer|f|200px|Elite Rogue|Elite Noble|Elite Elegant|Elite Enchanter|Obsidian}}

Example 2 (reminder: Just preview, don't save):

To compare all the female ritualist armor for both Kurzick and Luxon, copy and preview the following:

{{Armor art comparison|Ritualist|f|225px|Kurzick|Elite Kurzick|Luxon|Elite Luxon}}

Example 3 (reminder: Just preview, don't save):

To compare all eight male dervish armor, copy and preview the following:

{{Armor art comparison|Dervish|m|150px|Istani|Sunspear|Elonian|Elite Sunspear|Vabbian|Ancient|Primeval|Obsidian}}

And one last time, Just preview, don't save.

Template history[edit]

Version 1.1 
Removed the usage note regarding the "ascended" prefix as it no longer applies. Increased the armor set limit to 8.
version 1.0 
It can be used to compare up to 6 different armor sets side-by-side at whatever width you want. But you can only compare for the same profession and sex.
Version 0.1 
Tested the possibility of it because I had a hard time deciding which prestige ranger armor I wanted. I previewed the images side-by-side from manually including the relevant images. Then I thought... hey... I could create a little template to this easier.


Feel free to offer suggestions or feedback on this. I have several improvements in mind, such as allowing multiple professions (although not sure how useful it would be), or allowing more armor sets across two rows, and maybe allowing shortcuts for the names, so you don't have to reference it from the armor index pages.