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Type Siege weapon
Campaigns Core

A trebuchet, a siege weapon similar to a catapult or ballista, is a stationary map object used to inflict large amounts of damage to those in its target zone.




Once repaired click the lever once to load and then again to launch the projectile.


Two trebuchet appear at fixed positions in some Guild Halls. Each points towards one or other of the bases on the map and can be used to randomly launch projectiles into the zone between the bases gate and the region where the Guild Lord is located. A trebuchet's projectiles do sufficient damage to kill most characters outright.

To work they must first be repaired using a Repair Kit.

Once repaired the trebuchet can be used any number of times. To fire the trebuchet it must first be loaded by clicking the lever once. It will take six seconds for the trebuchet to reach the state it is able to fire the projectile. To fire the lever is clicked again. The projectile will impact seven seconds after that click.


  • A trebuchet is available in the Fort Ranik mission for characters after repairing it using three repair parts. A second trebuchet is available without having to repair it.
  • These trebuchet launch projectiles at fixed locations which can significantly reduce the enemies in the mission, but beware, for they can can also kill allies too if they are struck by its projectiles.


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A trebuchet is a post-classical historical siege machine. It used counterweights to operate a huge sling to generate centrifugal force.